Too many Gadgets!

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My husband and I are baffled about all the equipment we need to watch a few channels on TV.  We were perfectly happy without cable but with the digital switch we lost Public television so we had to install cable which meant a new box on the floor and wires all over the place.


Now we have to add some adapters or we will lost channels.  Since there are so many things attached to the TVs we will have to buy another big electrical outlet to hook these up.


Yuck!  I hardly ever watch TV.  I just watch DVDs.  I wish we could just turn the TV on without all this extra stuff.


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8 thoughts on “Too many Gadgets!

  1. No kidding! The mess of wires coming out of all the boxes and add-ons with my cable service are an eyesore I hide behind a SpongeBob SquarePants pillow, only slightly less of an eyesore! Ha!

    When the cable went all digital, a potential of over 200 separate channels opened up for subscribers. Hunh?! I watch pretty much the same five channels when I watch television, then the rest of my life is spent doing more interesting and productive things. I don’t need 200+ channels.


  2. We were lucky with the digital switch here in the UK. As long as we had a modern TV (with a digital tuner) or a set-top box, the only difference we noticed was more channels (as digital here is still broadcast for free through the air, no cable required!).


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