I can’t believe I have to give up Lasagna!

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I think I have become sensitive to tomatoes.  I used to make a great home made spaghetti but now it bothers my stomach.  My husband has no problem with it so it must be me.


I made lasagna yesterday and the same thing happened.  Everyone is fine but me.  It could have been the cheese but my spaghetti doesn’t have cheese and the same thing happens.  Oh well, I have no problem with raw tomatoes so here’s to fresh un-cooked tomatoes!


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40 thoughts on “I can’t believe I have to give up Lasagna!

  1. I’ve developed a sensitivity to fruit in general, except bananas, berries, and citrus fruit. Not sure why. As far as tomatoes go, I’ve always been sensitive to them. They make me feel sick. The taste is revolting to me now, even though I liked them when I was very young. I have no problems with ketchup or barbecue sauce, though. Strange.


    • You might have the same problem my husband has which is Fructose Intolerance. He is sensitive to the same things. It took us a long time to figure out what was bothering his stomach. We are so glad we finally figured it out! Have a great evening!


      • Possibly, in regards to fruit. But the problem with tomatoes is most likely a chemical in the tomato that affects a large percentage of people. It’s strange how tomatoes are the only food that do this to people. The chemical makes the flavour completely unappetizing and disgusting. It’s a high sensitivity to the chemical that does it. It’s not present in processed tomatoes, though.


      • How interesting! I didn’t know that. It is too bad since they have a lot of potassium and a lot of people are low on that mineral. I just hope the raw ones don’t start to bother me. So far it is just the cooked ones that upset my stomach.


      • Tightening the throat is a common allergic response to food, though. Similar to the itching. Something in the food is adversely reacting with the tissue of the mouth and throat.


  2. My mum bought me the Tiger painting for my birthday tomorrow, I can’t wait for it to arrive. My husband is a bit the same with cooked tomatoes and he used to grow them in the biggest greenhouse in Europe. There’s so much goodness in them, glad you can eat them raw.


    • I am so pleased you are getting one of my canvas prints for your birthday! Happy Birthday and I know you will love Tiger Stare! I have had a number of patrons get my work for anniversary gifts! Art is such a terrific gift! So sorry your husband can’t eat cooked tomatoes. I am glad the raw ones don’t bother me. Thanks again for the nice note and have a great day!

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    • Thanks Simon! I use organic ingredients. I really think it is the tomatoes since I am also bothered by my home made spaghetti sauce. Maybe I will try leaving one ingredient out at a time to see if it is something else.


  3. My son has the same problem with spaghetti. I never have a problem with my homemade sauces, but my stomach doesn’t tolerate the store stuff at all. Something in there that I don’t use in mine I guess. I think I’d go nuts if I couldn’t eat tomatoes. 🙂


  4. I love tomatoes! I also love Lasagna and all foods Italian…okay I love most foods, and will eat anything that doesn’t eat me first. I hope this doesn’t happen to me.
    There are some really delicious white lasagnas you can try…they’re horribly fattening, but you can probably lighten them up.

    I’m so envious of your ability to put on canvas what you see with your eye, and in your mind’s eye. I’ve never been able to do that well even though I try from time to time.
    Yes, I have had lessons. You have the gift. I do not. 🙂


  5. http://www.stuberpark.com


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    leads a sheltered life,
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    Will she head back to marry,
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  6. Kendall, Thanks for the “Follow” of my excuseusforliving.com !!! Love your artwork ….so definitively “a Kendall Kessler” work at a glance!!! That style, all yours, you own it!!! And nice idea for your website layout with video, works, & narrative about red sauce. Now on THAT I am expert & can help you!!!! Speaking as an Italian-American of the digestion wars, some people, not all, but many, eat Italian food for a lifetime with no problem. But others, like me too (!), after a while, even many years of enjoyment, start to have intestinal revolt! They can eat it but not two days in a row! Or not too many times in a week. And red sauce is high on that list! It can bother the stomach or the lower intestine or cause hemorrhoids to flare up. Here’s what you do: Make the spaghetti or pasta & sauce, but mix a mild amount in with the pasta. Then serve it up family style, one large plate for everyone to serve themselves, or by the plate. AND, THE SECRET IS TO HAVE SAUCE IN A GRAVY BOAT FOR PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES ADD MORE SAUCE AS THEY WISH ATOP THEIR PLATE! You leave your plate with the mild amount you mixed in & don’t top off your plate with any more sauce…..a light taste of the sauce for you! See if that works! I prefer mine that way anyway topped off with grated Pecorrino- Romano cheese, nice & dry & mildly red sauce. “Try it! You’ll like it!” Phil


    • Thanks Philip for the great compliment on my work and the advice! My Italian grandmother did that. She also cooked meat in tomato sauce. I miss her cooking. So far I can still eat spaghetti. I just can’t eat lasagna which is okay. I never liked lasagna as much as spaghetti. I’m sure you are right about the sauce. I will take it easy on the sauce so I can keep eating it. Have a great day!


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