The Bad Weather Must Hold Off Until Saturday!

Please click on my latest Youtube!  I will have another one up tomorrow or Saturday.


When I was in school my class mates and I had a show and made posters  to attract viewers.  Someone in the Art Department decided to be funny and drew comic things on one poster.  On my picture a chain was drawn around my waist. A Brush was on the end of it and in my hand.  That certainly was true! 


Still, I do get away from the easel once in a while and a bunch of us Line Dancers are going to a club to dance tomorrow night!  Bad weather is on the way and I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow!  Got to dance!  CHEERS!


IMG_1922 (1)Mabry Mill in Fall   Original  16″ x 20″ Oil Painting  $670

Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, Greeting Cards, Pillows, !phone and galaxy phone cases   Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART



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