This will be a Difficult Decision…

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An article on me and my artwork will be in the June print issue of The Inflectionist and the CEO contacted me about which paintings to use.  I have 699 pieces of artwork in my portfolio right now so I am going to have a hard time deciding which work to use.


He has some in mind but I’m not sure they are the best choices to represent me.  Decisions, decisions!  I am sure we will work it out!


The Inflectionist is a magazine for a small group of writers and artists. 

Most of the writers possess journalism degrees and some of the team are actually well known figures in the music and literary industries, including Kevin Stea (who was in Madonnas “Vogue” and Michael Jacksons “Black or White”) and Adam Jacot De Boinod (a writer for the TV show “QI”).


Glad to be asked to be part of this magazine.  Now to figure out what to put in the article.


ferrumcopyrightFerrum  Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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