I have worked on getting my potassium levels up and have had leg cramps two nights in a row.  I think I am sitting too much in this chair. 

Being in the same position for too long can also cause that problem! 

Time to get away from the computer!


applepeartwirlcopyrightApple and Pear Twirl   Original 9″x20″ Oil Painting     $360

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4 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Nice painting. I get feet cramps in the night, a leftover, lingering side effect from chemo. Normally drinking lots of water before bed helps, which results in lots of bathroom trips in the night, but when the cramps get really bad and persistent, I drink straight tonic water before going to bed. My oncologist had me drinking tonic water at bedtime to help with feet cramps when I was getting treatments. The tonic water seems to work pretty well. There is something in the quinine that helps relieve the cramping.


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