Now that was a Leg Cramp that would have brought down Godzilla!

I used to get night leg cramps all the time until my husband pointed out that I should drink more water.  Since I have taken his advice they don’t happen much but when I do get one it is a doozy!  I hate the way they start to ease up and then cramp up again for even more pain. 

Usually, if I point my toe up the cramp goes away but last night it would not quit.  It flared up over and over again and finally eased up.  Too much activity is also a cause.  Guess I better slow down! 

Now I know that is not going to happen.


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13 thoughts on “Now that was a Leg Cramp that would have brought down Godzilla!

  1. I feel for you. I used to get horrible leg cramps and the only way to stop them was to walk them off. Even if it was the middle of the night and I really just wanted to sleep I had to get up and walk until the cramp went away or it never would. My husband mentioned the water thing, but that didn’t help me because the cause of mine was a job that required standing on one foot while stepping on a raised pedal with the other for 10 -12 hours. (Changing feet back and forth, not always standing on the same one.) I recently left that job and haven’t had a leg cramp since. So if the water and bananas don’t help see if you can peg an activity that might be the cause.


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