Sold! So great to sell another print of “Reaching Out!”

My drawing, “Reaching Out”, is really getting around!  It is my best seller and was selected out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on The Mindy Project on FoxTV!  The show has been renewed for a third season and here is a video I made when I found out about the selection.   The print is across from Mindy’s desk in her office.


14 thoughts on “Sold! So great to sell another print of “Reaching Out!”

  1. Congratulations are in tall order. I love the video you narrated. Your brief explanation didn’t take away from your work but added just enough for the naked eye such as mine, to say, oh yes, I understand it now. I’ll be watching for the special on television but also hope you’ll remind us of the date and time. It’s definitely something I’d like to watch and would like to send out notices to other friends. Have a great and peaceful day. Sheri


    • Thank you for the great compliment on my work and the video. So glad you enjoyed it. The drawing has been on the show since it started in the Fall of 2012. Sometimes it is visible, sometimes it is not. The show is on FoxTv at 9:30 Tuesday nights. I was keeping up with each appearance of my drawing but I can’t always watch the show. It is across from Mindy’s desk in her office and was visible on the 2nd, fourth, fifth, eighth, and seventeenth episodes. It was also on a very funny episode called “The Wedding Crushers”. If it is has been on others, I didn’t see them. Have a great evening!


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