Mouse in My Left Hand and Back Scratcher in my Right Hand!

I guess I need to get some kind of itch ointment.  I can’t figure out why my back itches so much.  It can’t be laundry detergent or other parts of my body would itch.  Oh well, I have my trusty back scratcher and I am definitely not taking of selfie of me at the computer!


tulipflowcopyrightTulip Flow   24″x18″  Original Acrylic Painting      $884

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Another one of my Kendall Expressions!  Be sure to check them out in the folder on my website!

4 thoughts on “Mouse in My Left Hand and Back Scratcher in my Right Hand!

  1. I’m going to help you. We’ve been through this. Assuming it is mostly a summer itch, it occurs because there are more allergens in the air and your skin is more sensitive to it because of increased heat and humidity. It can also be caused by more time spent in air conditioned rooms which dries the air as well as cools it. It usually only occurs on broad areas like your back. The cure? Kind of a cure… stay cool and hydrated. Limit bath time and apply whatever cream you like immediately after a bath or shower so it is absorbed more deeply into the skin. The bill will be in the mail. 🙂


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