Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Bald Eagle Legends, and A Fish Tale

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist



eagleexpress (1)Eagle Fire  Original  20″x16″   Oil Painting     $670

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

One of my favorite Kendall Expressions paintings!  I will be getting back to these exceptionally vibrant works after I do some Pawleys Island shore scenes in my main style!


dreamrivercopyrightDream River     Original 25″x40″  Oil Painting   $2025  

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART


Dream River is from my Dream Paintings series.  These are paintings that are based on paintings I did in my sleep!  If you would like to see more, here is the link!  KENDALL KESSLER DREAM PAINTINGS

Here are some more legends from the first people of the Blue Ridge Mountains!


The eagle was a great sacred bird to the Cherokees as it was to most tribes.  It was especially important in ceremonies, especially war ceremonies.  The killing of an eagle was only done by a designated eagle killer to get the prized feathers. The eagle killer was specifically chosen and trained for that purpose.

He was taught how to kill the eagle and what prayers were to be said afterward to obtain pardon for the sacrilege and ward off evil.  Killing an eagle out of season could cause a front that would destroy the corn and the snakes to become more dangerous.

Eagle songs were song only after the snakes had gone to sleep for the winter and only a warrior or medicine man could wear the feathers.

The Cherokee believed in the Nunne’hi  or immortals that lived  throughout the Highlands. They were spirit people that loved music and dancing as much as the Cherokees did. Many of their homes were said to be on the high mountain balds but there are a lot of stories that associate them with the ancient mount of Nikwasi which is in Franklin, North Carolina.

I found these legends on Cherokee Myths and Legends by Lowell Kirk online.


Life with The Word and Bird Man  – Clyde Kessler

A Fish Tale

As I have mentioned before my husband is not able to eat many foods most people can eat but there are some foods he just doesn’t like but tries to eat for health reasons.

Fish is one of them.  He has to drown it in mustard but he is determined to eat something both my son and I love.

He is starting to get used to fish.  Yesterday he asked me if I noticed that he didn’t say anything bad about the salmon.  I told him I assumed he didn’t criticize the fish because he wanted to live to see another day.  A little marital humor! I couldn’t resist!

Thank you for looking at paintings by an Artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway

2 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Bald Eagle Legends, and A Fish Tale

  1. Good that he is trying the Salmon…one of the really great foods health wise!! For a long time I perceived it as being difficult to cook, but as it happens it is one of the easiest things. Be sure to concentrate on the wild caught salmon if possible. Besides or maybe because of hormones and anitbiotics, farmed salmon has a higher percentage of Omega 6 and less Omega 3 than wild. Maybe that can be an art piece…a colorful stylized image of a salmon swimming up stream with splashing water all around!! 🙂


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