Mountain Bear Man near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge Discovery Center Happenings!

My Artwork


blueridgemeadowcopyrightBlue Ridge Meadow  Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

The great Charlottesville patron that recently bought Blue Ridge Meadow emailed me to tell me it is stunningly beautiful!  Now that is what an artist that sells paintings online wants to hear!

 dirtroadbrcopyrightRoad to the Blue Ridge    Original 18″x24″  pastel painting   $862

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Wish I were on that road right now!

Here is another fascinating legend about the Cherokee Native Americans and the Black Bear!


The Bear Man

A Hunter shot one arrow after the next into a black bear and chased after it until the bear finally took the arrows out and told the man he couldn’t be killed and asked the hunter to come live with him.

This bear was a medicine bear and could talk and read people’s thoughts.  The hunter was worried the bear would hurt him but the bear told him he wouldn’t hurt him and there would be plenty to eat.

They came to a hole in the side of the mountain that widened as they entered.  It was not the bear’s home.  It was a meeting place for bear councils.  The other bears were alarmed at the presence of the hunter but the medicine bear told them it was only a stranger come to see them and he should be left alone.

The bear took the hunter to his home and rubbed his stomach and then his paws were full of chestnuts.  He did this many times for different kinds of food and both he and the hunter had plenty to eat.  The hunter stayed with him and his hair grew so long he was beginning to look like a bear.

One day the bear told him it was the day hunters would kill him. He told the hunter to put leaves over his remains after the kill.  The hunters entered the hole, killed the bear, and then realized the hairy creature was a hunter that has been missing for some time.  They  left with big chunks of bear meat and the hunter.  Before they left the hunter put leaves over the remains of the bear and as they were leaving the bear reappeared, shook off the leaves, and disappeared into the forest.

The hunter told the tribe to let him be by himself for seven day so he could shake off the bear nature and become a man again but his wife was so determined to see him that she went into him and took him home.  He never became like a man again.

Legend has it that if he had been allowed to be alone and fast for seven days he would not have kept the bear nature.

I found this story on on the online publication First People The Legends.


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

The next Blue Ridge Discovery Center Happening is this Friday! 

BRDC at Independence Farmers Market
Fri, June 6, 9:30am – 12:30pm
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