Blue Ridge Mountain Bear Chase near The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Writing on the Wall…

My Artwork

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I really do have flowers on the brain right now!


Today I found a wonderful Cherokee bear story about Autumn!

The Great Bear

A great black bear ,Nyah- gwaheh was terrorizing a village.  Children stayed out of the woods for fear of this animal. Four hunters set out to track down and kill Nyah- gwaheh.  The bear was said to possess magical powers and could cause its tracks to disappear.   The hunters had a magical dog that could see tracks days after they had vanished.

The four hunters were great hunters but one of them was fat and lazy.  He always wanted to take breaks.  On one break he reached into his pouch for a snack and found squirmy things in it which was a magical sign that the bear knew it was being hunted.

The bear ran and ran up the mountain to escape the hunters.  It was so huge that it was easy to track.  The forest was being torn up as it passed.  As the bear tired it stopped in its tracks to kill the annoying dog and one of the hunters succeeded in driving an arrow through it.

They cut the bear up and roasted it when one hunter noticed strange sparks in the darkness far below his feet.  They were no longer on the mountain but up in the air!  The powerful magic of the bear had led them to the world of the sky!

The dog started barking at the pile of bones and they came alive and the hunters chased the bear across the sky.

Legend has it that each autumn the hunters chase the bear across the sky and when it is killed the blood drips from the sky onto the trees.  The fat from the fire causes the grass to turn white.

I got this great story from the online publication, Cherokee Myths and Legends of The Black Bear

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Sometimes my husband and I joke about how we got together.  It is rather unusual that a girl from McLean VA marries a naturalist poet from a town that is so small it could be on Hee Haws Salute the Small Town section of the show.

The latest quip is  I didn’t hold a poem to your head.  You could have said no.

My response is I didn’t see the puns on the wall.

Just kidding around!  I am very glad I married my mountain man!   He is the only one for me!

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