Staunton Ghost near The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Wedding Planner

My Artwork


cupflowercopyrightCup of Flowers  Original 8″x10″ Oil Painting    $168

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

A cup of beauty to start my day!


kingleafcopyrightKing on a Leaf    Original colored pencil drawing has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

A Beautiful Monday Monarch!

marbletwirlcopyrightMarble Twirl    Original  21″x14″ Oil Pastel Painting   $618

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

One of my most intense still lifes!


A Staunton Ghost in the Bed Room


I am still finding Staunton Ghost Stories.  Staunton, VA has so many ghost stories that there is an a tour people can take of the haunted sites!  Many of them are residential.

Here is a scary one!

One man claimed his apartment on Church Street was haunted by an evil presence. He claimed the ghost had shown itself to four different people, including his girlfriend!

The ghost covered her mouth and pinned her down when she was trying to sleep. They consulted a professional medium and were told not to sleep there anymore.  Of course,

he moved as soon as he could.

I found this ghost story on the online publication, Ghosts of America.


Life with The Word and Bird Man-Clyde Kessler

My husband, son, and I just got back from a great vacation at Pawleys Island in South Carolina!  The weather was great, the food was great, and we stayed in a gorgeous, roomy house one minute from the beach!

Clyde saw 93 species of birds just walking a couple of minutes to a dock and my son and I got our ocean fix for the year!

Clyde planned everything.  He found the house, decided which week would be a good week, etc.

It was such a great vacation that I told him he missed his calling!  He should have been a Wedding Planner!


The groan he let out was heard throughout the whole island.  There were rumors that the Real Estate Office had to close down for hours due to the incredible number of phone calls regarding the groan!

No offense to wedding planners!  Just thought this would be a good funny for the blog.



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