The Great Smoky Mountains near The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Mindy Project Tonight!

My artwork


The Great Smoky Mountains     Original Painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Another great range mountain range in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains is The Great Smoky mountains.  This is another region my husband, Clyde Kessler, researches for birds and butterflies.  The national park is an extremely popular park.

It was established in 1934 and is the largest national park East of the Rocky Mountains and receives 9-10 million visitors a year.  The park is home to 4000 plant species, 140 tree species and around 1600 black bears.

It is known as the salamander capital of the world with 30 species.

I got this information from 75 facts about the Great Smoky National Park printed in the online publication, Escape to the Smokies

shadowridgenearockykcopyrightShadow on a Ridge Near Rocky Knob           Original Oil Painting     30″x40″     $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

Shadow on a Ridge Near Rocky Knob is another favorite painting from the Rock Castle Gorge section of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I have more paintings from this area of the Blue Ridge Parkway than any other location.  This is where my husband does most of his bird and butterfly research.

He is a well-known naturalist in The New River Valley and has led countless nature hikes in his beautiful home region.

The Mindy Project is Back on The Air!

I am so pleased The Mindy Project is back on TV with a new episode tonight at 9:30pm on FoxTV!

reachingoutcopyrightReaching Out    Original charcoal drawing on paper in white mat        $894.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Be sure to look for my best-selling print, “Reaching Out”, which was chosen out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on the show!  It is in Mindy’s office and there have been many shots of it last season and this season!


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