Wildflowers at Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue RIdge Parkway and Send out the Dog sleds…

My Artwork

I have quite a number of paintings that are based on scenes from Rock Castle Gorge and views from Rocky Knob.  I am pleased with all of them but if I had to pick favorites it would be the ones that include wildflowers.  The wildflowers are especially beautiful there and make for great color accents in my work.

summerpathcopyrightSummer Path at Rock Castle Gorge   $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

Summer Path at Rock Castle Gorge is one of my favorite landscapes.  My husband took me around to all the paths that were not hiking paths and I especially liked this one because of the colors and the path was grass rather than dirt.  It was probably just a place where a lot of people have walked through to the ridge to see more of the beautiful mountain vista.

My favorite wildflower found there and here in Radford, Virginia is Sweet Pea.  I love all colors but I am especially fond of magenta, probably because it is a red purple so it is both a warm and a cool color.

There is also Red Trillium, white Albultescens, and pink Claytonia virginica in this wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway area of Virginia.

Here are two more paintings from Rock Castle Gorge.  The first one is another view from Rocky Knob and the other one is a view from another part of the Rocky Knob overlook.

rockyknobcloudscopyrightRocky Knob

Original painting has been sold

prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

sweetpeacopyrightSweet Pea Morning Original painting – $884.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

Life with The Bird and Word Man

My husband, Clyde Kessler,  has always kept a close watch on the weather.  He follows all the reports and says some weather forecasters are more accurate than others.  This morning he was quite concerned about the coming  ice and snow storm so he asked me if we needed to get to the store for anything before the roads got bad.

I told him we were seriously low on chocolate.

He said we better send out the dog sled. LOL!

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