Another Fancy Gap Painting on The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and Chickens during The Revolutionary War

My Artwork

Yesterday I mentioned two sales of prints and posted one of them which is Color Swirl.  Here is the other one that went to a great patron in  Downington, Pennsylvania.                             .

 coneflowerscopyrightedCone flowers 24″x30″   $1470.00

I have done a number of Cone flower paintings and am pleased with the captivating colors and textures that draw people in.  I don’t have a favorite color since I work with so many of them.

If someone says they like blue I start to think about all the different kinds of blue and all the ranges of tones of blue so it is a complicated choice for me.

I would say I am partial to cool colors but there is nothing in this world like cadmium red light so I just have to say I like them all and I incorporate all of them in my paintings even when one seems to be the main color.  Of course, in this painting, magenta reigns supreme!

This week I have one of my favorite florals, Natural Rhythm, on special at Fine Art America.  In these specials I offer large canvas prints of favorite paintings at 40% off the regular price. The price below the picture is the price of the original painting.

natrythmcopyrightNatural Rhythm 30″x40″  $2425.00

 Fancy Gap

Here is the third painting I did from locales near Fancy Gap on The Blue Ridge Parkway.

sunsetnearfancygcopyrightedSunset Near Fancy Gap 30″x40″ $2425.00

When I took the shot I based Wildflowers Near Fancy Gap I turned to the other side of the road to see a beautiful sunset.  I quickly took the shot before I burned my retina and am very pleased with the painting.  As always I modified it to suit my own style and the colors and textures are vibrant and exciting.

Life with The Bird and Word Man

As always my naturalist/poet husband, Clyde Kessler,  plays with words so he can make me laugh.  Sometimes he comes up with something so hilarious that I practically need oxygen.  We haven’t had to call 911 yet.

If you don’t like word play you may not see the humor in this one but I like it.  What do you call a chicken during the Revolutionary War?


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