Pleased to Sell a Metal Print of Mid-Spring on The New River and The Sixth Drip…

My Artwork

I am so pleased to sell a large metal print of Mid-Spring on The New River to a great patron in Mississippi!  This is one of my favorite oil pastel paintings.  I am especially pleased with all the nuances of green that emphasize this special time of the year in the New River Valley.  It isn’t summer yet so a lot of the greens are not as bright as they will be.

This pastel was done from a photograph I took of the New River from Bisset Park in Radford, VA.  I have walked the trails at the park countless times with my family and on my own.  I love to watch the rapids and my naturalist husband, Clyde, is always on the look out for bird and butterfly populations.  I especially like to watch the many different colors of light filtering through the leaves and reflecting off of the water.

The New River is actually one of the world’s oldest rivers and there are many fascinating stories about it.  It is a very dangerous river and legend has it the Native Americans call it the river of death.  Many years ago when I was teaching at Radford University, two boys swam across it near the Dedmon Center and drowned.  It looks so peaceful but the rapids and strong currents are not to be tangled with.

midspringbig (1)

Life with the Bird and Word Man

On a much lighter note, as usual, I decided to tease my husband.  Due to the very cold weather we had to let  our faucets drip very slowly at night so the pipes wouldn’t freeze.  I almost always have to get up at night to go the bathroom and my husband often wakes up at that time.  I told him the faucets were leaking and he would have to get busy and fix them.  All five of them were dripping.

His reply was, don’t you mean six?

Okay, I don’t mean you, just the faucets.

I don’t really think of my husband as a Drip.  Just like to goad him.

Some Facts about the beautiful New River

The New River is between 10 and 360 Million years old. It is one of the world’s oldest rivers and is the oldest river in The US.

It flows from south to north.  Only a few rivers in the world have this unique feature, including the Nile.

Mary Draper Ingles was an American pioneer and early settler of western Virginia. She was abducted by Indians and later escaped, making a harrowing trek over hundreds of miles of rough terrain to return home. She followed the Ohio and New Rivers. She was born in 1732 and died in 1815.

The Long Way Home Drama ran from 1971-1999 here in Radford, VA.  There is talk to bring back this wonderful outdoor historical play!

The first commercial rafting trip took place in 1968.  The Dragan brothers started it when they founded Wildwater Unlimited.

The New River was designated a national river in 1978 and an American Heritage River in 1998.

2 thoughts on “Pleased to Sell a Metal Print of Mid-Spring on The New River and The Sixth Drip…

  1. That is one old river. Lake Michigan is dangerous as well. Undertows and a lot of other thanks happen in that lake. People don’t understand Her and they don’t take the warnings seriously. They often end up paying with with their lives. So many interesting facts and general information. Thank you so much. The “drip” was pretty funny:)


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